Facebook: the smart speaker unveiled by a patent?

Facebook would prepare a speaker connected in the same way as Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod and Google Home for several months. However, until now, no image of the device had been revealed. Today, a patent filed by the American firm seems to illustrate this intelligent loudspeaker.

For two years now, connected speakers have been in fashion. Amazon launched its Echo range compatible with the Alexa voice assistant, Google launched its Google Home with its own Assistant, and Apple replicated with its HomePod carrying Siri.

facebook enceinte connectée

Since August 2017, it has been rumored that Facebook also plans to enter this market with its own speaker connected. The device would be codenamed Portal, and would be marketed for a price of around $499.

Facebook: a connected speakerphone dedicated to video conversations on Messenger
Not surprisingly, Facebook’s smart speaker would be mainly dedicated to video conversations on Messenger and social features. However, it would also carry a voice assistant, although it is not known which one at the moment.

facebook enceinte brevet

In February 2018, new rumors appeared on the web that two different models would be launched in July 2018. The two devices, codenamed Fiona and Aloha respectively, would be equipped with a 15-inch touch screen and a front camera with facial recognition technology.

In April 2018, a patent seems to reveal the design of these connected speakers. Submitted by Facebook in December 2016, the document has just been published on the web. However, the electronic device illustrated by this patent does not appear to be equipped with cameras or touch screens…

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