DIY projects in 2018

It has been more than two years now that I have been sharing my passion for DIY with you through various articles & videos on the site. The “homemade” will continue to take up a little more space, you seem to like it, it’s good because so am I.

Doing new projects is good but finishing the ones we started is even better, so here is the list of what we will do together in the coming months.

DIY projects in 2018

Portable console v2

First of all, I will start finishing the Portable Console v2 project. It takes time because I am looking for the best compromise between ease, time and money so that everyone can achieve it. I still don’t know if the shell will be that of a Gameboy (as I showed on Instagram) or if I’m modifying the shell of the first portable console I made.
Difficulty: Medium


I’m at the end, wow!

I wanted to be clever and take the project a little further by developing a desktop software dedicated to the Craftbox. It took me longer than expected (it’s amazing how long it lasts…) but you should like the result.

I will distribute (for free) this desktop management software of the Craftbox (Windows & Mac version if everything goes well) and everything else will be explained via articles on the site. The Craftbox and its software are almost finished (some bugs to fix yet). I will present you the whole thing in video in a few weeks or so.

The project will continue to evolve over time, mainly the software part.

Difficulty: Medium

FPV Drone

This is one of this year’s very big projects. As with many fields, I didn’t know anything about them and I learned on the job. The idea will be like for the other projects, starting from scratch and managing to make a drone (which flies in addition) with camera (if so!) for only a hundred euros. The first article is already being written, it should be accompanied by a presentation video (I’m not sure about that).

Many notions will be covered such as communication, welding, mechanics, electronics, the subject is really exciting….

Difficulty: Medium/High

Mini bartop

After having made a bartop (arcade terminal) I will propose you to do the same thing but on a smaller scale. It will be a terminal of about twenty centimetres, equipped with a 10 inch screen and nine buttons (in addition to the joystick). Nothing very complicated about that, the goal being to achieve an impeccable result.
Difficulty: Easy

Autonomous outdoor connected weather station

What could be better than having a weather station that you can put where you want? I think it’s such a shame to have to pull cables to power anything.

Here, the project will first charge a Lithium battery with solar energy, which will then power an autonomous circuit with multiple sensors (temperature, humidity, etc.).
The opportunity to touch a little the wonderful world of the Arduino.

Another module (inside) will retrieve the information from this station and display it on a screen and send it to our home automation system.

The project is still under development and requires a lot of time. For the moment, I am already collecting the temperature;)

Difficulty: High, even hairy with a hair base

Arcade bollard

I’m not sure yet if I’ll make this terminal (at least in 2018) which would ultimately be for my gaming room. Basically, I made the bartop so that it didn’t take up too much space in my house but the original idea was to make a real model. It will be necessary to work a little more with wood (finally MDF) but the principle remains essentially identical to bartop.

Difficulty: Medium

Gaming room

The big red thread of 2018! What will be my office, my cinema, my game room… is a huge project that is close to my heart and that I am trying to do little by little. It’s a lot of work but it allows me to learn a lot of things and so I enjoy myself.

The whole thing will be completely automated: light, heating, roller shutter… I will give you the progress little by little and all the ideas, sometimes a little strange, that I had to realize this gaming room. I obviously hope to be able to finish it this year.
An article is already being written.

Difficulty: Multiple but violent nevertheless

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